Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Songs to listen to while playing Tomb Raider (*constant updates*)

I've been thinking (ooh, dangerous territory :|), and I thought, since I am still working on my photo album for City of Vilcavamba, I thought I could try something new. So, here's a Spotify playlist of songs to listen to while playing Tomb Raider. I have never tried this, so there maybe ads, and it may stop and say you need to sign in. Luckily, Spotify is free. (Well, the free version is xD) So signing up means there is nothing except to stop you from listening - except the ads. But they're short. Anyway, happy raiding!


(*Playlist below*)

Back from the dead!

Hey there! Sorry about the mess; I had some crates to move into storage but the delivery man hasn't arrived yet. No really, hello. I apologize for the large wait to my next post, but this is what has been keeping me busy.

Hehe. Sorry, but I just had the sudden urge to listen to them after they hit no. 1 with their new single, 'Get Lucky', that I don't like too much, but it's cool.
Hopefully, I can make these next posts worth the wait. Thanks if you read this :D
It's nice to think anyone has ever looked at this, since this has been dormant for a while.
Anyway, see you in the City of Vilcavamba!