Saturday, 5 October 2013

I have some explaining to do..

So I'm back. And apologizing. D: 
I have neglected this page for ages, it's about time you guys had an update. 
I'm alive. Kicking. I only play for sport.
I am feeling bored. And then I remembered this place :D 
I am still working on City of Vilcavamba slowly. 
I need to stop making everything begin with 'I'. 
Again, I'm sorry. But, although I may be a Raider@PC, I am a Human@Earth.. 
Also, although this is Tomb Raider specialized, I decided I will do some other game material, to get other people interested. In the mean time, Happy Raiding! -YoshiMad08

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Songs to listen to while playing Tomb Raider (*constant updates*)

I've been thinking (ooh, dangerous territory :|), and I thought, since I am still working on my photo album for City of Vilcavamba, I thought I could try something new. So, here's a Spotify playlist of songs to listen to while playing Tomb Raider. I have never tried this, so there maybe ads, and it may stop and say you need to sign in. Luckily, Spotify is free. (Well, the free version is xD) So signing up means there is nothing except to stop you from listening - except the ads. But they're short. Anyway, happy raiding!


(*Playlist below*)

Back from the dead!

Hey there! Sorry about the mess; I had some crates to move into storage but the delivery man hasn't arrived yet. No really, hello. I apologize for the large wait to my next post, but this is what has been keeping me busy.

Hehe. Sorry, but I just had the sudden urge to listen to them after they hit no. 1 with their new single, 'Get Lucky', that I don't like too much, but it's cool.
Hopefully, I can make these next posts worth the wait. Thanks if you read this :D
It's nice to think anyone has ever looked at this, since this has been dormant for a while.
Anyway, see you in the City of Vilcavamba!

Monday, 11 March 2013

TR1 - Caves

You may have figured it out now, but I'll be playing all of the Tomb Raiders.
So, let's start with Caves.

The iconic opening angle. A side view. Well done Core.

This reminds me of when I was really small. I used to think she was looking at the weird shadow.

Secret time now. Oh wait. Lara's hair looks like a sausage.
Just in the bottom-left corner.

Sausage palaver over and done with, I climbed up to see a small medipack.
Finally, something normal.

Moving swiftly on, we have a upside down bat here.

Excuse me, where is the next ceiling?
Absurdity. Pure absurdity.

Well then. I decided to get another secret, and forgot about this.
It looks like he's trying to drag Lara off for... candy?
Like the monkeys in Tomb Raider 3. (credit to Perusing Pixels' Temple Ruins page.
Picture is here.)

Lara, how many times have I told you not to get drunk before raiding?
You know it makes you sick. Just try not to be sick.
It strikes me that the pose Lara is in is VERY similar to one of the animations in the TR 2013 reboot.
Crystal Dynamics... you didn't, did you.

Ok. So skipping on a bit, we have the good old technological limitation called the draw distance of 1996.
It kind of looks as if she is staring into the void. Not necessarily a good thing.
Oh and we have a leak into the actual void on the top-right corner.

Being a level designer myself (I seriously need to make my profile), I know that thing is called a crack. Which can be uncovered in the crack mode of the level editor.
I've forgotten how to fix it, but considering Core made the editor themselves, they should have done. (*tut at core*)
I'll still miss them though.

I love taking the heck out of Caves' weird shadows.

I can't decide if it's a texture glitch, or if Lara's nose has really disappeared because she didn't like it. Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's a trampoline. ... Yeahhhh.

Oh dear. I think Lara may have just realised the importance of this room.
Now she's trying to put her nose back on.
I guess if you bang your head on a wall so much, your nose grows back.
(Don't try that. -_-)

Not at all to quote the film Beethoven, "STUPID DOGGIES! STUPID DOGGIES!".

Oops. Top tip Lara. Don't let go.
... Hang on. That dog is talking to Lara!

In that situation, I'd just shoot him in the head.

Darn. One step ahead Lara.
Oh. It's symmetrical death syndrome.
Moving on.

Moving on VERY fast.

No bear, the sky ain't falling.
Nice try, bear.

Even nicer try.
I like to call that 'The Embarrassed Bear', who thinks he's got confidence, then loses it.

Ok, admittedly, I just wanted to watch them bump noses.
They did that once in the whole video. -_-

I laughed a lot when they pushed her against the wall.
(Gangster wolves -.-)

Lara's here, let's run away!
That's a rather... interesting way of getting away off screen.
Poking your friends butt.

Quick, she's got her guns out!
Hehe. Wait for it...

Oh dear. It's like symmetrical death syndrome. Twice in one level.
But copied. Not mirrored. Flipped death syndrome.

Oh Lara, you're such a drama queen.
Get over it. You stubbed your toe, so what.
Just go secret hunting.

Thank you.
... Is that winking at Lara?
Hmm. I think it is.
Secret collected (another medipack), we decide to try that door again.

Phew. That's a relief. Celebrating Lara?

Lara - I know how much you like late '90s pop, but you really don't need to perform 5ive's old moves. Please stop.

I said STOP.

Ha. That's what you get for not listening.

You stopped here?

I was sure it was more epic that this.

Oh right.
That's why I loved this level.
Because you had no clue what was coming.

Surprise! We're doing it now!

Right on cue, wolf!

Well, not really a surprise.

Wow. Least impressive ambush ever.
Slightly concerned about the music.
Why they put that there is a mystery.


... Ouch. Had to hide that.
On the plus side, I got all secrets, and didn't take too long.
Impressed by myself.
I'm not the best speed-runner though.
That's what Mirror's Edge is for :D

Hello World!

Loading... 100%!
Hello World, raiders!
This is Raider@PC, loaded and ready to raid.
I will update my profile soon, so you can find out what I like.
In the mean time...